Noun, A person who provides expert advice professionally.

Consultants work best when they are dealing with change. Maybe you want to improve a part of your business, increase productivity or reduce costs. An experienced business consultant has worked in many organisations and understands a process for how to get change implemented.

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The Current Position

We start with an audit of processes, data and resources. If you need to know how your change is going to work then you need to know where you are first. We set a baseline to move from.

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The Goal

Your goal may be a constraint; you may need to do it because you have to. You may also need to set up some brainstorming sessions to get a better idea of what your goal looks like.

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The Actions

We document what we find and propose how we think you should change things to get to the goals established. This needs to be reviewed with stakeholders and re-inforced with staff meetings.

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